Rape and Post – A Sick Deep Web Site

Rape and Post – A Sick Deep Web Site

Rape and Post – A Sick Deep Web Site

Horrifyingly, this site wasn’t that hard to find on the deep web.  I started out going on some porn sites available on the hidden wiki and just kept clicking links.  This link wasn’t a normal title, it just had a string of numbers.  You never know what you might find when just browsing the deep web.

This particular site was how to drug and rape random girls.  They sold the date rape drug and had all kinds of how to information on pulling off this despicable crime.  It went through how to slip the drug into their drink or otherwise get them to ingest it.  Recipes to mix it into and things like freeze it into ice cubes so it could slowly dissolve.  The ice cube trick was for the girl you convinced to come over for drinks or dinner.

They said most girls would never knew what happened and would just figure they were hungover so it was easy to get away with this.  They told you how to carry a girl out of a nightclub by just laughing that your girlfriend is a real lightweight.  They said most people will just laugh and not even think twice.

Of course the site suggests the best way was to trick some dumb girl into coming over to their house, although this was not always possible, as some of these losers are too ugly to ever get a girl in the normal fashion.  So they have to hunt for a single girl in a bar or nightclub.  Crowded places were the best hunting grounds for these rapists.  They also recommended targeting stupid girls who wouldn’t be able to figure it out.  Slutty girls were also good marks because nobody really cares what happens to them.  People just figure it is par for the course for them to have sex with a lot of guys.

The worst part about this site, was after you have committed the crime, they wanted you to post pics and videos on to their site.  Which many people did.  There were several pages of video and picture posts from the losers who followed the site’s advice.  Not all of them were girls either, some of the victims were boys and men.  It is absolutely terrible what depraved people will do for sex.

Girls please watch yourself and be careful out there.  The criminal could even be someone you know like a friend, acquaintance or coworker.  Stay with friends who will look out for you.  Avoid going out by yourself or meeting a guy you don’t know somewhere.  Don’t ever accept a drink from someone and never let your drink out of your sight.  Be cautious of anything that is spilled on you as well.  If someone “accidentally” spills a drink or liquid on you, wash the area off immediately and put a buffer like a paper towel under your clothes so the liquid does not touch your skin.  Change your clothes if possible.

If you do black out and can’t remember what happened and suspect foul play, go to the police.  We need to start getting these scumbags.  I hope law enforcement is starting to monitor the deep web more and begins to put these kinds of scum behind bars where they belong.


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