Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Red Pill or Blue Pill?

So this is not so much a scary story as it is strange.  It is not so much true as it is more factual.  The following information may be disturbing to some, so if you are a blue pill type of person, you may want to stop reading or watching now.  If you are a red pill type of person and want to consider the depth of the rabbit hole, please continue with caution.  This information could disrupt your happy existence.  You have been warned.

In 1977 a science fiction author name Philip K. Dick disclosed a hypothesis that he believed we are living in an advanced computer program.  He was practically laughed out of the room.  If Mr. Dick were to make this claim today, the reception may be entirely different.

Evidence is slowly starting to present itself that this theory may not be as crazy as it sounds.  Many scientists are now considering this possibility and at the very least sympathizing with the theory if not outright supporting it.

In 2003 a scientist by the name of Nick Bostrom wrote a paper entitled, “Are you Living In a Computer Simulation?”  Bostrom uses temporal logic to provide an empirical argument that we may be living in a simulation.  He formulates three distinct possibilities, and one of which must be true.  The three possibilities are as follows:

  1. An advanced civilization which is capable of running simulations could become extinct before creating an advanced computer simulation model.
  2. An advanced civilization which is capable of running an advanced computer simulation refuses to do so.
  3. An advanced civilization which is capable of running an advanced computer simulation does create the simulation.

If either of the first two premises are true then we are obviously most likely not in a computer simulation.  If the third premise is true then we are most likely living in a simulation created by an advanced civilization, perhaps are future ancestors.

However we must consider the first two premises are not as likely as the third.  The first would basically predict the doom of mankind before we are capable of creating such an advanced computer civilization.  The first premise suggests that all society’s must become extinct before reaching the technological capability of producing a simulation.  Our own civilization is not quite there yet but we are getting there fairly fast with advances in processing and AI growing all the time.

The second premise would mean that any or all advanced civilizations don’t want to run simulations.  Judging by our own society with popular video games such as Sims and MMO’s, this is not the case.

That leaves the third premise to be most likely.  An advanced civilization will run simulations.  Furthermore, the simulated civilizations would also advance to the point where they too would run their own simulations.  This would mean that more simulations of the universe exist than the real physical universe.  Thus it is more likely that we are actually living in a simulated universe rather then the real one.

Simply put, Bostrom’s argument is logical and at the very least plausible.

Now here is where it starts to get crazy.  In 2012 theoretical physicist James Gates was working on a mathematical equation while studying string theory.  Super String Theory attempts to explain Ultimate Reality or the Theory of Everything.  In the equation Gates found computer code.  Not just any computer code but a specific kind of computer code called Block Linear Self Dual Error Correcting Code.

This code is used for browsers to accurately depict information sent over the web so it is decipherable by the receiver of the data.  This discovery of computer code in  a mathematical equation for string theory certainly bolsters the argument for a Simulated Universe Hypothesis.

Furthering the claim of a simulated reality is the discovery of quantum mechanics.  Quantum physics have discovered that sub-atomic particles are not exactly solid and may exist in more than one place at a time.  Google this if you are interested the slit experiment has become quite famous.

While all of this information seems to be pointing to an increasing likelihood that we are actually living in a simulation, it is by no means definitive.  It could all still just be an eerie coincidence.  However, if evidence continues to escalate then it may become a more likely reality soon.

Now consider this; if we are in fact living in a computer programmed simulation, then anything the programmers decide to include in the simulation will inherently become real and/or true for us.  This may also include things we would consider to be strange, mythical, supernatural or even paranormal.  If the programmers so choose, they could easily insert any of these into our reality, and they would undoubtedly exist for real in our world.  This could include things like ghosts, demons, vampires, zombies, werewolves, witches, bigfoots, dragons, aliens, lake monsters and almost any other mythical creature, monster or paranormal entity you can think of.  Any or all of these things could be easily programmed into a computer simulation and therefore would be 100% real to us.  In short if this simulation theory is correct, any or all of these things which strike terror and fear into our hearts and minds for countless centuries, could actually exist right now or they could even begin to exist at any time the programmers decide.

Think about that when you go to bed tonight and turn off the lights.  Oh, and as always, remember to sleep well…






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