Six Fingers With Claws

Six Fingers With Claws

Six Fingers With Claws

I lived in the country when this happened.  I was 16 years old when it began.  It was shortly after my parents bought me a car to get around in without them having to drive me to all my functions.  I was in different sports, dance and cheerleading activities.

Any way one night I was going for a short drive to get some doughnuts for everybody.  I went out to my car and when I sat inside, I noticed something.  It was a HUGE hand print on the windshield right in front of the drivers seat.  The fingers were extra long and had dots at the end, like the tips of claws.  The oddest thing was that there were six fingers instead of five.  It had four long digits and two shorter thumb like fingers on either side.  The print was much larger than that of any man.  It was distracting so I got out to wipe it off.  It didn’t get wiped away in spite of my best efforts.  I got back in the car confused as to why I couldn’t wipe it off.  Then I tried to wipe it off with my finger from inside the car and the print was actually made within the car.  Someone or something had to have been in the car that night.  I did not see the print earlier when I drove home from school.  I wiped it off with a paper napkin and just figured it had to be something that only looked like a hand print because nothing could be that big with six fingers no less.

Nothing happened for at least a month later and I totally forgot about the hand print.  Then one night as I laid sleeping, I was awoken by tapping on my window right above my headboard over my head.  It sounded like someone was tapping something hard like a screwdriver on the window.  I ignored it but knew it couldn’t be a tree or anything like that because that window was all alone.  10 minutes later or so, I heard it again.  This time when I opened my eyes I saw a huge shadow go across the room like the entire window was blocked from the moonlight as someone passed by.  That window was maybe eight feet from the ground outside.  To block out the entire window, someone had to be at least nine feet tall.  I knew I wasn’t dreaming and I was too scared to look, so I just laid there until I fell asleep.

My mom and brother did not believe me the next day.  They looked at each other when I told them about it in the morning like I was crazy or something.  I checked outside later where the window is and there wasn’t any evidence.  I did see four scratch marks on the wood by the garage.  My brother said it was a raccoon but it seemed awfully high to me for a raccoon to reach there.

So months later I’m doing some homework at the kitchen table.  It is only like eight or nine O clock.  I hear the tapping on the kitchen window behind me.  The first thing that came to my mind was it was my boyfriend so I tuned and looked quickly.  What I saw scared the hell out of me.  It all happened so fast that I can’t even be sure of what I saw, but I thought I saw two giant red eyes for just a tiny split second.  They were gone before I could even get a direct look at the window.  I saw this in my peripheral vision as I was turning to look at the window.  Again, this window is at least eight feet from the ground outside.  And the eyes went upward as they moved, like the thing looking in was actually bending down to see through the window.  I called my boyfriend who was so sweet, he came right over, but he didn’t find anything, no footprints or any indication that anything was there at all.  He said maybe it was an owl.  I just nodded because I didn’t want to be argumentative and that sounded good to me, even though there was really no place for an owl to stand.

Other things happened as well.  One morning I woke up and found dried up leaves around my bed.  I had know idea how they could have got there, but figured it was my brother.  He denied it at laughed at me when I asked him about it.

Fast forward and now I am nineteen and away at college.  Nothing happened my first year.  I got a small apartment for my second year and one morning as I was going to class, I get in the car and notice the hand print on the passenger side window, a huge hand with six fingers and tips like claws…

Submitted by Christy M.

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