If Only You Were Six Years Older

If Only You Were Six Years Older

DISCLAIMER: I’ll try to keep this story as clean and understandable as possible, my mind is pretty erratic right now. I just wanted to get it off of my chest and see what others have to say about it. This is the first of another story I have with this guy, I might post the other if this one gets enough requests, it’s pretty damn creepy, and I’m still mindfucked over it.

EDIT: I’ll be posting the second encounter with him within the next few days, I was surprised so many people were interested in it, thank you for all your kind words.

EDIT 2: Hey guys, I wrote the other story/continuance to this pretty early, it’s located here I hope you all enjoy it.

This happened near the middle of December of 2012. I was twelve years old, going through what a normal twelve year old shouldn’t be, I was mentally screwed with…a lot. Parents separated at a young age, forced to leave my two half brothers with my mother whom I was so attached to, lived with my dad, who later became depressed and fell into drugs specifically heroin. Mother was a pill junkie.. I was stuck between addicts, slowly learning what was occurring around me. It really hit me when my little sister came up to me with a dirty needle in her hand asking innocently, “What’s this?” and I screamed and yelled at her to throw it down and wash her hands and checking every inch of her body for marks if it touched her. Countless tears whilst asking my father “please wake up, why won’t you wake up?” My life was a mess. I still think about this time of my life and have breakdowns.

Since it was December, I was able to go over to my Mother’s place and spend some time with her and my beloved half brothers, little sister, and occasionally my brothers friend who I’ve also became close with over the times i’ve visited, he was basically apart of our “Family” clique we’ve formed. (we’ve as in, my two brothers, and I)

Time passes on, i’m enjoying myself with my brothers and sister. (I couldn’t spend much time with my mom, she was always too busy talking to the other addicts who would come in and buy off of her) We would spend our time in the basement. This basement was basically a bedroom. It had a T.V., bed, couch whatever you needed for it to be a bedroom. It was pretty cool, and our hangout spot.

More time passes, it becomes dark. We’ve all migrated upstairs only because the pizza has arrived. We’re all just talking, having fun. Then, there’s a bang at the door. another one of her junkie friends, cool. Until she lets this guy in… at first glance you can TELL this dudes weird. Greasy hair, acne craters, sweaty, classic black trench coat, black boots, skinny, tall as HELL. Naturally, i’m put off by it. I’m used to seeing some weird people come around, due to my father and mother both being feins/sellers. You get used to it, but you also always have your guard up, regardless. or at least I did.

So, they end up doing their thing, we mind our business, he leaves. My mom ends up having to leave somewhere, (probably to get a re-up, she would always go at night according to my brothers) She takes our little sister with her. (which, after this encounter, you’ll be glad she did)

More time passes, My brothers end up going downstairs to hang out, while it’s just me and their friend, D. We’re just talking, and I end up asking about this creepy guy, I end up finding out that he actually tries flirting with my little sister. Not sure exactly what he meant as in “flirting” but I didn’t try to pry into it, all he told me was he’d stare at her, and my mom even caught him trying to sneak off into her room at some point apparently. Wanna know what’s crazy? She was only 4 at the time. Sick fuck.

Not too long after that conversation, there’s a bang at the door, it sounded like the same bang earlier from the guy who was just here. (I’m going to try and explain this door as best as I can) This door is made if you’re tall enough, you can see through this glass part made into the door into the living room, and since he was so god awful tall, he could easily, and since the couch being set up where we were sitting at, he could see right at us. Fuck.

He sees us sitting there, and he has this shit grin on his face. His eyes are LOCKED onto me. He then says loudly, “Let me in, i’m your mom’s friend, she said I can come back in”

Now, dealing with these weird junkies, you don’t want to anger them. (I’ve learned this in the second story dealing with this guy) So we’re basically forced to let this weird dude in. Grrrreat, not only was his presence weird enough without even talking to him, we basically have to sit here with him until my mom gets back.

He sits down on the couch parallel from us, and I don’t recall what we talked about, but I specifically remember him crushing a xanax bar then using a dollar to snort it up….right in front of us, how polite, and him trying to get me to go to the store with him, until D spoke up and said “I’ll go instead” which lead to this guy magically changing his mind. I didn’t want to move from this spot on the couch, but I noticed my brand new iPod 4 was sitting on the window sill near him, and I didn’t want him somehow miraculously taking it and me being heart broken, so I mustered up the courage to get up from my seat beside D, and walk over to it, passing right in front of this creep.

I finally reach the destination, his eyes following my every move, he asks me a question.

“Are you my moms name daughter?”

“Uhh, yeah, haha”

“You look just like her, whistle

“Umm, thanks”

“How old are you?”


“DAMN! If only you were 6 years older you would be mine, so I wouldn’t have to be going after your mom anymore, haha…but you’re still so sexy you’d be mine now anyways” while looking me up and down. Now guys, this dude HAD to be in his fucking thirties, hitting on a TWELVE year old.

That’s when I fucking froze. He then gets up beside me and tries to look at my iPod, trying to take it away from me and that’s when I remembered all the things D told me about what he was doing to my sister, in a fit of rage I yelled, “GET AWAY FROM ME YOU CREEP!” apparently, it was loud enough that my brothers heard it and came running up the basement stairs, I made a dash away from this disgusting smelling man back to the couch where D was now standing at, my brothers now upstairs asking what happened, why did I yell, and I didn’t even hesitate to say, “He just tried to fucking hit on me!”

Of course this shitface denies it, but my brothers already knew about this guy constantly coming over, being weird to our little sister, of course they’re going to believe me over this greasy addict. My second oldest brother, M, says in an obviously angry calm voice to him, “What are you doing here without our mom being here?” creep face explains what he told D and I, and it was clearly a bullshit lie, my mom may have been an addict, but she’d try her best to keep us out of harm’s way as best as she could, as hypocritical as that sounds.

Now, M is a ticking time bomb. If anyone tries anything with his family, he IS NOT afraid to try and do anything about it. Instances where my mom was in an abusive relationship, and he’d see her S/O hit her, he’d instantly jump in, beating the living hell out of the guy. He’s not too big, but hes bulky, and around this time he was around 15/16 years old, 6’0.

This set him off the fucking edge when I told him what he said to me, he RAGED at him, throwing him onto the ground, on top of this man just beating him, to the point where D and my oldest brother had to DRAG him off of him.. as they were pulling M off of the creep, M yelled “STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY SISTER”

I got a quick glance at the creeps now bloodied face, and he still had a grin on his face. He made his way up and near the door and said, “I’ll be back, fuck you and your fucking mom, and if I see this little girl again I’ll have a nice surprise for her” and slammed the door.

We ended up telling my mom when she came back and she did nothing about it, probably because of the fact that he was a customer and practically harmless I guess at the time to her, considering he got his ass beat by a 15/16 year old, it wasn’t too surprising either.

I went home the next day in the morning, and didn’t see this guy until a year later, and he sure did have a grudge against me.

I’d like to mention also, my sister was never sexually, or any other way harmed by this guy, he just loved to be a fucking creep

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