Snuff Films Are Fake

Snuff Films Are Fake

Snuff Films Are Fake

I won’t be mentioning any real names in my deep web story.  I really didn’t know anything about the deep web until I met someone I’ll call Bruce.  I worked with Bruce and he seemed to be an alright guy.  I was out drinking with him a couple times with other people at work.  We got along.

One late night after we had all been drinking, Bruce invited me back to his place to get a few more beers.  I didn’t have to work the next day so I said sure.  I wasn’t tired and figured why not.  It turned out to be a BIG mistake.

Somehow we got on the topic of snuff films.  I said that I figured the majority of them were fake.  Bruce laughed and brought me to his computer.  He signed on with TOR and chatted with some other freak on  He knew the guy and he sent him a link.  I think Bruce had to pay some bitcoin for a private chat with this guy.

We end up at this very bland looking site.  It looked like it was 20 years old with nothing but a row of videos in a straight vertical line down the screen.  Each video had a timer ticking down and some numbers like 53/100.  The names of the video were disturbing enough.  Names like “34 year old female, blunt beating, throat slit.”  I mean this had to be fake.  I’m thinking this is some weird stuff and Bruce is acting like a kid in a candy shop.  He was all giggly and excited for me to witness this horrid video.  I tried not to act emotional and deep down thought to myself, “this is absolutely fake.”

Bruce finds a video about to start and pays some bitcoins to get in.  We wait until it starts and it begins with static then a counter again and the video starts.  The quality was horrendous.  You could barely see, but the scene appeared real.  It is in some foreign third world country.  The street looks dirty.  There was a group of skinny guys in an alley.  A homeless man was sleeping there by a dumpster.  The head guy issued what I assumed was the command to start in some language I didn’t understand.

The group walked up to this poor guy and started stomping and kicking him.  He didn’t scream.  I see blood coming from this guys nose and mouth.  He didn’t fight back.  The guy with the camera kept moving it around and it was hard to see what was happening.  I think the camera guy was trying to get in on the action and kick the homeless man as well.  The young men were screaming at this guy like he had done something to them.  As far as I know, he didn’t, but they acted like they hated this guy.

After beating him mercilessly, one of the dudes pulls out a knife and stabs this guy.  Blood sprays as he keeps stabbing him and cutting him.  Blood on the wall and the guys attacking him.  I felt disgusted.  I knew this was not fake.

Bruce is staring at the screen emotionless with wide eyes almost like he was hypnotized by what was happening.  I just wanted to leave.  How could he want to see this and pay for it on top of it all?

I so wanted this guy to fight back and at least hurt one of the attackers, but he didn’t.  Finally one of the men, stepped on the man’s head with a big brown boot.  The camera got real close and the poor man looked to be in so much pain as this guy was smashing his skull against the concrete.

The bloody knife came into picture.  The man stabbed the poor old guy in the throat as he winced in pain and pulled the knife forward, cutting the mans entire throat and blood poured out.  I wanted to throw up right there.  The video ended there but some weird gurgling sounds were still being played for a second or two.

Bruce looked at me and asked, “if I still thought snuff films were fake?”  I just looked at him and said, “You are sick man.”

I no longer work at that place any longer and I have no idea what has happened to Bruce, nor do I care.  I never liked him after that, and he knew it.

I hate the fact that I can’t get that image out of my head.  The poor old guy with that boot pinning his head to the ground while that maniac cut his throat out.  Why didn’t he scream?  Why didn’t he fight back?  It still makes me sick to my stomach.  We are so caught up with video games and our phones that we really have no idea what life is really like out there for some people, or how sick this world can be.

I know the deep web probably has some good points and uses, but I’ll never go there again.

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