Stranger in the Coffee Shop

Stranger in the Coffee Shop

Stranger in the Coffee Shop

It was seven years ago when I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. It was basically a death sentence. I was going to receive chemotherapy and radiation treatments, but it didn’t look good. I was still able to walk around and that was a good sign. The doctor said when the patient is only able to go from bed to a chair and back to bed that was a bad sign, bed only meant not to long until death. That stuck out in my mind so I was determined to keep walking around and being active for as long as I could.

I recently went through a nasty divorce so I didn’t have a husband for support. In fact I think my ex was even happy about my diagnosis. I always thought the stress from the divorce helped bring on the cancer but I don’t have proof of that. Maybe it is just my way of blaming my ex, I don’t know.

Anyway, I did have a new friend who helped me through this hard time in my life. He was there during my divorce and stuck with me through the cancer. One day we were out shopping and stopped off for some coffee. There was a man in the coffee shop who kept looking at me.

When my friend left to go to the bathroom, the man walked over to our table and asked if he could sit down for just a couple of minutes. I was hesitant because he made me feel uncomfortable but he said it was important, so I agreed now being very curious.

He sat there and looked deep into my eyes. I became really uncomfortable now but couldn’t look away. I began to almost panic like I just made a huge mistake letting this stranger sit down at my table. I hoped my friend would return soon.

The stranger must have sensed my anxiety and smiled warmly, which instantly made me feel better. He said, “Don’t worry, I’m on your side.” What he said next was incredible. He continued, “You are not going to believe me, but I am your guardian angel.” “Oh great,” I thought, “this must be the worst pick-up line of all time.” Before I could respond, he blurted out, “Your esophageal cancer will be cured and you will be fine.”  I was shocked and speechless. How did he know what I had? I just looked at him puzzled, he smiled again and said, “I told you. I’m your guardian angel.” He then stood up to leave just as my friend was returning.

The stranger spotted my friend returning and stopped in his tracks. He turned to me and warned, “One more tip, he is not your friend.” My so-called friend came back and was clearly agitated at the man’s presence. The stranger however, towered over him and he was obviously quite intimidated when the stranger looked down on him with no warm smile. My friend just slouched, looked away and for a moment, I thought he was actually going to run away.

The stranger looked back at me and smiled, then walked out. After he was gone of course, my friend had a lot to say about him and wanted to know what he wanted. I told him what he said about the cancer, and my friend said, “That is B.S. and what a liar he was.” I thought to myself, “Don’t you want me to get better?” He should have been glad, not annoyed.

I later found out that my friend was not only dating another woman while I was sick, but two, maybe even more! He is no longer my friend. The stranger was right.

Not only that, but it has been seven years now and the cancer has not returned. I’m not going to declare that I fully believe the stranger was my guardian angel but, I have no explanation for how he knew the things he did.

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