The Alicia Project

The Alicia Project

The Alicia Project

This is the story of a very brave young girl who survived a horrible experience and has turned it into something positive.

Her name is Alicia Kozakiewicz.  She is now in her late twenties.  Her story begins in 2001 when she was only 13 years old and it is one of the first luring and kidnapping cases which occurred because of the internet.

Alicia was a typical shy 13 year old girl.  She found confidence in chatting with her friends online.  It became a common pastime for her.  She did it in the living room on a family computer.  She talked with her friends and before long also their friends then friends of theirs.

This is how she met… him.  He pretended to be a teenage boy who supported Alicia and listened to her.  He said things she wanted to hear in order to gain her trust.  They spoke for months online before he struck.  Because of this Alicia recommends that parents strictly monitor their children’s activity online and off.  Know who they speak with and where they go.  She advises NEVER give out any personal information online.

The day finally came that Alicia agreed to meet her friend from online.  New Years day 2002, it was cold and she planned on only being outside for a small while so she didn’t even bring a jacket.  As she approached the area of the meeting she heard someone call her name.  It was not a boy but a man’s voice.  The next part was a blur as she only remembers being in the car with the creepy stranger.

It was a five hour drive to the stalkers house.  He had come from Virginia to snatch the poor girl from her happy home in Pittsburgh.  During the ride he would say things like, “be good,” or “be quiet.”

When they arrived at his house, he dragged her down to the basement and pulled her by the hair, ripping some out.  He told her in a cold voice, “you can cry if you want to.  This is going to be difficult for you.”  She was terrified and saw in the basement what was essentially a dungeon, complete with tools and a cage.  He attached a dog collar to her and dragged her up to his bedroom.  There he stripped her out of her clothes, broke her nose and repeatedly raped her.  He chained her to the floor so she had very limited mobility.

The monster tortured poor 13 year old Alicia for 4 days.  She was forced to do disgusting, demeaning and unspeakable things during these long days.  The final day as he was going to work he told her, “I’m beginning to like you too much.  We are going to go for a drive when I get back.”  She knew this meant he was going to probably kill her that evening.  She was too afraid to scream, imagining he was outside the door waiting to see if she would call for help.

She said she always imagined her parents busting in and saving her but that never happened.  Instead on that final day, she heard several men bust in the house.  She was so scared that she hid under the bed.  She was ordered out from under the bed by a man with a gun in hand.  She was completely naked and thought these guys were there to kill her because of what her tormentor had said earlier.  As she came out from under the bed, she saw the most beautiful three letters on the man’s jacket – F.B.I.  She was so relieved.

Turns out this sick bastard shared footage he recorded livestream of him torturing and abusing Alicia online with other guys for their enjoyment.  One of the guys turned the footage over to the authorities for fear of being charged as an accomplice to the heinous crimes.  Anybody who finds this kind of thing entertaining should be aware of this fact.  Simply watching this kind of filth without reporting it essentially makes you an accomplice.

Alicia was reunited with her family but sustained immense psychological damage from her experience.  She suffered flashbacks and nightmares for years.

She has dedicated her life to stopping these kinds of crimes happening.  She speaks at schools to raise awareness and started a group called the Alicia Project.  The website is and a link will be in the description of this video.  Go there after this video to check it out.  She has fought to enact Alicia’s Law in every state, which helps fund departments to stop this kind of crime.

So thank you Alicia for being a survivor and turning you horrendous story into something positive.  You are indeed a brave young woman.


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