The Black Market

The Black Market

Hello Midnight Fears. I have a story that i’ve been wanting to share with you but I never got around to it. This story is the story about the death of my cousin Roberto, and his experience with the deep web black market. When I was about 10 years old, I lived in Chotepe which is a small town near San Pedro Sula in the state of Honduras in Central America. In Chotepe, there were many gang members both from either the MS-13 or Calle 18. My cousin Roberto was part of the MS-13. Now in Honduras, wi-fi is very limited, especially in Chotepe where nobody has wi-fi, so Roberto had to drive to San Pedro in order to get internet access. My father and mother were in America and they had lots of money. They had left me behind until they could arranged my papers to enter America, which didn’t happen until 2011. This story takes place in 2009. So anyways, my parents had lots of money and they always sent me, my grandmother, my uncle, and many more family members stuff from America such as sneakers, video games, etc. One day my dad had sent Roberto a laptop. Nobody in my family knew that Roberto was part of the MS as he never told anybody, but we found out after his death. Anyways, Roberto had gotten a laptop and he immediately started talking with some of his friends on how to access the black market through is laptop because one of his friends had a laptop and he used it to order drugs off of it. He eventually found out and he went crazy with the drugs he ordered. He usually ordered cocaine or LSD. One day, he ordered drugs from the wrong person. This particular day he had ordered meth and the man that was supposed to sell it to him, was part of the MS-13 rival gang, Calle 18. They met up in a secretive part in between Chotepe and the nearby town of Chamelecon. Once they met up they started chatting. The man that he was buying meth from was very skinny. He was bald and had a mustache and was wearing nothing much but sagging jeans and  a tank top. He mad lots of tattoos all over his chest, stomach, back, neck and even all over his face. Roberto had not too many tattoos Roberto was also wearing the exact same outfit that the meth dealer was wearing. This would turn out to be the mistake that ended his life. Apparently the deal had gone well. My cousin got his meth, and the dealer got his money. But it didn’t end there. The dealer stopped walking to count his money and realized he was 1000 Lempira’s (Honduran currency) short than what the meth was worth. He turned to face Roberto to confront him about his money. Roberto had his back turned to the dealer as he was walking away. That was his final mistake. On Roberto’s back was a giant tattoo that had “MS-13” written over it. Remember, Roberto was wearing a tank top which made the tattoo very visible. In front of us he always wore something to cover up his tattoo. Anyways, the dealer, without a second thought, started swinging punches at the back of Robertos head and knocked him out. Apparantly, from what I was told, after Roberto was knocked out, he was kidnapped, brought to basement in a house in Chamelecon, tortured and then brought to the middle of a random town where they publicly tied him up and stabbed him many times over and over, leaving the knives inside of him and they used different knives each time they stabbed him. This is a story that my uncle told me. I’m not sure if he was trying to scare me into never joining a gang or if the story he told me was 100% legitimate. He did show me evidence though. He showed me a photo of Robertos dead body after he was stabbed. I am going to show you the picture of Roberto’s dead body after he was stabbed. Warning: The photo i’m about to show you is extremely graphic and disgusting. Please look at the picture only if you have a strong stomach, do not look at it if you have a weak stomach as. Even I can’t look at the picture myself without thinking that i’m going to vomit Here is the picture, proceed at your own risk: [Picture is too graphic to show]

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