The Cooler

The Cooler

The Cooler

I was in my early twenties and I was in a group of like minded people who used to go ghost hunting in old abandoned farmhouses.  There were many around the are where I lived.  We were out in the country and this is one of the more fun things to do.

We had probably been in over 20 houses or so.  We had a few scary experiences but nothing really paranormal.  Most of the time we just drank and hung out like a group of friends.  A couple of people claimed to have experiences but nothing happened to me and there was nothing definitive.

Smudges on pictures and some sounds on the recorders but nothing really certain.  Some of the houses did have a scary feel to them though.  One of the houses was really cool.  It was really big, maybe 3500 or 4000 square feet.  It was empty and somewhat overgrown.  Overall it was really spooky.

So one night my friend and I took our girlfriends to this house.  We were going to tell them stories and get them good and scared.  We just wanted to have a good time.  The girls really did not want to go.  We told them it was fine and we had been there before.  It was very private and nobody ever went around there.  No other houses and just a dirt road which was largely untraveled.  i did not expect them to resist so much, but both girls just didn’t feel right about it.  We ended up convincing them and they reluctantly agreed.

We parked a little ways away from the house so we had to walk through the spooky woods a little way before we made it to the house.  We started to tell the girls scary stories to set the mood before arriving at the house.  Both girls said several times let’s go back and we should just turnaround and so forth.  We refused and kept them going towards the house.

We got to the house and both girls were impressed.  This house was cool and different.  I always thought it would be really nice if someone were to fix it up.  It was really old and had many little nooks and crannies that you just don’t see in modern homes today.  Somebody took aome time when building this house.

The girls were becoming more relaxed as we settled in for a fun night.  It wasn’t but maybe an hour that we were there that the whole downstairs lit up from headlights.  There was a car approaching.  My friend thought maybe it was the cops coming to check it out.  We looked out the window and saw an old junk of a up pick-up truck.   All of us got really scared because nobody comes out here especially at night.  My thought was that it was another group doing exactly what we were doing and was hoping we knew them.

We stayed out of sight and watched to be careful.  Three men got out of the truck.  They were like white trash guys with tattoos and ripped shirts and jeans.  They all looked dirty and just overall scummy.  These were the kind of guys that you didn’t want to bump into on a dark night far from the ears of other people.  We all began to panic.  I was so scared.  My friend said to just be quiet and they would eventually leave.

They pulled something out of the truck and dropped in onto the ground.  We don’t know what it was, but it was heavy and made a thump when it landed.  No one said it but I bet we were all thinking the same thing, it was a body.  We didn’t know what to do so we just waited.  They stood out there and smoked and we just waited quietly hoping they would go away.

We could have left out the back but to get back to the road we would have to go by them.  Now I would like to say that it was my friend or one of the girls, but the truth is it was me who dropped my flashlight then kicked it by accident try to prevent it from falling.  The men outside heard the noise and all of them turned to the house.

They pulled out a spotlight and said to come out.  They claimed to be the police and said come out or they would come in.  I heard one of the men say, “it is probably just kids let’s go get em.”  They headed towards the house and we decided we had to get out.  We started for the back door staying low as possible to the ground.  The men came in the house and started saying things like, “come on out boys or it is going to hurt more.”  I was so scared because these were the type of guys who I thought could be capable of anything.  I certainly did not want to become their Saturday night entertainment.  Not to mention what they might do to the girls.

It felt like an eternity when they were looking around the house and we were trying to make our way out in the dark.  They at least had flashlights but we couldn’t turn ours on without giving away our position.  Luckily we had been in this house a few times before and basically had a good idea of the layout, which was somewhat extensive.  This advantage got us out the back.  We decided to run through the woods instead of heading straight to the road.

We made it to the trees and looked back.  I was so scared they were following us.  They weren’t.  We could see their flashlights looking around the house.  One of them stepped out the back door and pointed the flashlight in  our direction.  We took off running through the dark woods.  We went quite far before we turned on our flashlights.

We eventually made it back to the car and got out of there.  After it was over, we had a laugh about it and everyone teased me as being the idiot who dropped the flashlight.  I was so happy to be safe I didn’t care.  We all wondered what they had in the back of that truck.  We all decided that it must have been a cooler and that was that.

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