The Creep from Speedway

The Creep from Speedway

Growing up in a particularly rundown part of Cleveland, Ohio offers people the chance to learn some very valuable lessons. At the time this happened, I was about 14 years old and graduating the eighth grade at a local elementary school.

The nearest gas station to my house is a Speedway, and after school me and my friend, Amy would walk to the Speedway to buy drinks and stuff while we were hanging out. I feel that it’s worth mentioning that it was winter, so that when we left our houses (we are neighbors) at around 5:30 it was already getting dark.

I met her Amy at the bottom of her driveway, we greeted each other and walked side to side talking about what went on that day. After a few minutes we arrived at the Speedway and walked in. It was only me, Amy, and one cashier who was in the back the whole time. Amy grabbed her signature Starbucks mocha thingy while I went and just grabbed a Pepsi.

We were waiting in line and I, out of boredom, looked out of the window to my left. There was a tall, skinny, and dark skinned man eyeing me up and down from one the gas pumps about 20 feet away from me. He was wearing a black Miami Heat jersey on top of a gray hoodie, blue shorts, and no shoes. The more I stared at him I noticed he was smiling this… insane looking smile. It looked almost painful. After a few moments of staring he turned around and left.

“Amy” I said to her behind me, “Did you see that guy”

I turned around to see her looking at me, surprised. “No, why”

I just decided to end the conversation with a never mind and pay. We had paid and were heading home when out of the corner of my eye I saw the man. He was still smiling. Amy must have noticed because she turned and saw him too.

“S’that him?”

“Yep” I choked out nervously.

What he did next is something that still chills me to this day. He began to walk towards us, until he was 5 feet away from us. I instinctively took Amy’s hand hoping that she would pick up on the situation as she thought it was a joke. Thankfully she did. After a few minutes of silence he grabbed Amy’s arm and yanked her away from me.

I, going on adrenaline and instinct, yanked her away from the man and ran with her. She had begun running next to me. We stopped in our tracks when we heard home sobbing. We turned to face him and saw he was still smiling but sobbing as he smiled looking directly at us.

“Amy! Please don’t go! I love you!” Screamed the man. We began to run again and soon after heard him following closely behind us. Until after what seemed like forever we had stumbled upon a cop and his partner. The man was arrested on the spot. Upon being searched the police found that the man had knife and rope with him. The police called another car and they took us to her house where once inside she broke down into my arms and cried. Having some how kept our drinks I told her to drink hers and calm down. I also agreed to stay with her that night.

So yeah. That’s what happened. So crazy smiley guy, let’s never meet again.

By: ChrispyMemes

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