The Krays

The Krays

Hello Midnight Fears.

I have a dark past and an amazing / evil dad I would like to tell you about.

We will start with him. He was born in 1936 London, England. At 15 he got in to a gang which would be commonly known as the Kray Twins. He joined the gang as it had just started and he was good friends with the Krays. They started out with petty stuff, just robbing people and participating in small gang wars.

My dad first shot someone when he was only 16 years old. He hit him in the leg. Funny thing is, the guy he shot would end up marrying his sister’s best friend. The man died about 3 years ago and I can remember my dad crying with laughter when he found out. He said to my aunt, “I hope it was not led poisoning.”

The first time he actually killed someone was when he was 18. Some months later, he was told to shoot a night club owner who had pissed off the Kray’s about something. He obliged. During the attack he also hit three other people with one shot. He used a shotgun, so this was not that hard to do. Then he got convicted but only served 13 months. Lucky bastard! and that is pretty much the most interesting part of my dad.

Now about me. I was born in the early 1990’s and I had shown that I was different from other kids. I was a lot more active and i was all ways trying to break things or take them apart. At 3 years old I totally stripped down my mums hover in just 30 minutes. I stripped the motor and undid every screw.

At school I was relentlessly bullied. I was always peaceful and just took the bullying but anger and rage was building up inside of me. The first time I can remember going psycho on someone was when I was 14. My dad had recently suffered a heart attack and I was being the little shit.

I was pissed off at an arse hole next door. I was inside when this guy came storming around and started having a go at my dad after his surgery. This guy was only a small man and honestly looked like a twig.

I just snapped. I grabbed a metal pole from the garage and I whacked him with it again and again. I had found a strength i never knew i had. I did get in trouble for it and it was even in the local paper.

After this event, one of my dad’s friends asked him if I’d like to start taking boxing lessons. That sounded good to me so I started training with him. About 3 months into my training, this guy asked me to run some bags across town to various people. He told me to never look in the bags. It would all ways be the same large bag pack with a cooler inside. He told me it was just lunches for his friends.

Then when I was 17, he paid me to start beating people up. It was me and a couple of other guys who would beat the bloody hell out of anyone he said. I thought nothing of it, being a 17yr old looking for cash.

When I got my motorbike, he started paying me to travel hours away delivering the same bag packs as before. I couldn’t take it any longer and curiosity got the best of me. So I finally looked in one of the bags. I was shocked by what I saw. It was a hand, a human hand! I was torn. I had no idea what to do. I thought it was just going to be drugs inside.

It was always to the same people, about once a month. I was actually transporting frozen body parts! I was so close to being sick. I just got on my bike and dropped it off like usual.

I did not speak to the man for about a month, then he bumped into me on the way to the shops. He told me to follow him. He brought me to a warehouse next to the place where he taught me how to box. While we were talking, he slowly pulled a knife from one of his pockets. He opened it and began playing with knife while he was holding it in his hands.

He asked me if I had ever looked in one of the bags. I was thinking how the fuck did he know? Now what am i going to do? I looked at him straight in the eyes and said no. He looked like he did not believe me. He asked, “haven’t you ever wondered what is in them?” I just replied, “drugs, it does not matter to me as long as I get my money.” He smiled and let me go.

I quit the next day and moved away about 5 months later. I am now happily living with my new girlfriend. I just wanted to get this off my chest. I have never told anyone about this before and I don’t think I ever will again. Thank you Midnight Fears and good bye.

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