The Lexer House

The Lexer House

Been a long time viewer but this is my first time writing in, I guess the real reason I’m writing in is so someone else knows whats going on I wouldn’t dare tell half my family what’s going on because they’d all think I’m crazy.

A little backstory: The past two months I’ve been working at a haunted house that used to belong to serial killer Jeremiah Lexer the history of what he did is sick and disturbing, and for whatever reason the women in my family have always been more likely to see or hear spirits. ( I have so many instances of this is you ever need material like this).

One of my first nights there was slow so I decided to walk around the room I was in which has several original items and ax marks from the murder suicide in 1902. And I kept seeing a black shadow out of the corner of my eye and I though maybe I wasn’t used to the dim lighting but I kept seeing it right behind me. A few nights later I was sitting waiting for my boss to do final walk through before customers came in, I was sitting my an open crawl space and I swear I hear a child like voice say “play with me” now the room I’m in is a nursery and my character is a baby doll and I move people through my room under a hole where another actor grabs peoples hair. When I first heard the voice I thought it was nothing or maybe an actor downstairs (as you can hear the downstairs area upstairs) but then realized no one talks like that down there. I put it out of my mind when people started coming through that is until the actor from the next room came in to chat with us and ask how our night was going and after a while I hear the same voice say “come play” I paused unsure if I should say anything until the other actor said

“Was that you?”

“I didn’t say anything…”

“You heard it too?”


That night I began to do reading on the Lexer family and when he went on his final rampage he killed his family and the youngest of the girls being 4.

Another instance that happened (trying to wrap this up I know it’s probably way longer than normal) a few days after that. There’s three areas of the attraction; The manor (which is where I’m at), the barn, and the woods. I was waiting on my ride as my car broke down a few days prior and I saw a woman in a white dress walk towards the woods look right at me and I’ve never been so terrified my body went cold and all I could do was stay put I don’t know why I didn’t go where everyone else was I guess I was too scared. While I’m used to seeing and hearing things this was the first time something had been that close to me. She stared at me for probably a few seconds but it felt much longer and then went back to the woods. Now most of the actors wear dark clothing ( for example I wear a black dress with red flowers) the actors in the barn wear white shirts but none of them go into the manor and all the other staff members wear black shirts. I went back to the make up trailer and talked to a girl and told her what I saw and she pulled out her phone and showed me a picture while I’ll attach and needless to say if you see the picture you’ll know who I saw.

I’ve seen more things while working here but I figured this email is too long but like I said if you want to know I’ll tell you.

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