The Neighbor and the Doll

The Neighbor and the Doll

The Neighbor and the Doll

It was the early 1990’s when I had a paranormal experience.  My wife and I were newly married and we moved to an apartment complex in a suburb of a major city.  It was close to a job I had accepted and we were excited and eager to begin our lives.  Our daughter was almost two at the time and we couldn’t have been happier.

There are actually two parts to my paranormal story.  The first involves this clown doll my wife’s sister sent the baby.  It looked innocent enough at first but it got darker and creepier as time went on.  Wherever you were in the room, this doll always seemed to be looking at you.  It did not have those shaky googly eyes either, it’s eyes were glued on and supposed to look to the left.  That didn’t matter though, the eyes followed you wherever you were.  I hated it.  My daughter would often wake up crying and pointing at the doll.  My wife refused to get rid of it because her sister had sent it to us.  My mother came to stay with us that Christmas and was sleeping on the couch when she suddenly woke up and was screaming that the doll was looking at her from the other room.  She was terrified and I moved the doll so she could calm down.  I did not tell her anything about the doll before-hand.  She swore that thing was evil.  I was happy to get the affirmation that it wasn’t just me and somebody else felt it too.

How did we get rid of the doll you ask?  Well, we ended up giving the doll to our upstairs neighbor.  My wife was telling her about it and she wanted to see it.  My wife showed it to her and she liked it.  The neighbor asked her little boy if he wanted the doll, and he replied, “no mommy, that doll is scary.”  That just sold that lady and she took it.  Now you are probably a little confused at this point but I should explain that these neighbors were satanists.  A fact that my wife did not divulge right away because she was friends with the woman and didn’t want me to say or think anything bad about her.  Stupid, I know.

Anyways, this brings us to the second part of this story.  I don’t care what religion you are.  If you want to worship Satan go ahead, that’s your business, but if it starts to effect me or my family, then I care.

We hardly ever saw the woman’s husband or boyfriend, whatever he was, I don’t know.  She on the other hand was mostly friendly and sort of a party girl.  She would hang out and drink beers with us some nights.  she wasn’t mean or evil or anything like that.  She was for the most part polite, funny and friendly.

I will say that more than one occasion though we saw small drops of red liquid which I thought was blood leading up the stairs to their apartment.  We also were never in their apartment, she always came downstairs to ours.

Some strange things did happen in our apartment at times.  Unexplained noises and open cabinets, things going missing, you know that kind of stuff you just chalk up to, “huh, that’s weird,” and go on with your life.  It’s not until later you put two and two together.

So one night we saw all these strange people dressed in robes going into their apartment.  They were mostly black but some were in red and brown robes.  We saw at least eight or so people like that in the parking lot go upstairs to their apartment.  We figured there were at least twelve or more total.

I don’t know what they were doing but we heard Gregorian type chanting coming from upstairs.  It was really creepy and went on for hours.  It was just a normal week night and nothing special, but they were having some kind of ceremony or ritual.  That’s when my wife told me they were devil worshipers.  We had lived there for almost a month by this time.

They wouldn’t stop and it was very loud and accompanied my bangs, thuds and thumps.  We turned on the TV and were watching old black and white shows and movies.  The sounds didn’t stop and my wife was now freaking out and very scared.  A show ended and some religious show came on after.  We couldn’t find the remote to turn it off which was strange because it was on the nightstand next to the bed.  The minister on TV started to pray.  That gave me the idea we should pray too, which we did.  Neither of us are religious but we prayed that night.

I don’t know if it was just a coincidence but the chanting stopped immediately and the robed people all left.  We fell asleep.  In the morning we saw our neighbors packing their car.  My wife asked the girl what they were doing and she was very rude.  She said, “we are moving” in a sharp rude tone.  She didn’t even looked at us and just kept packing the car.  They were gone by that night and we never saw them again.

I’m not sure if it was our praying or if something happened up there that night to make them move so suddenly, without and indication prior to that.  Whatever it was, I thought good riddance to them and that damned doll.


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