The Stranger

The Stranger

The Stranger

My father used to entertain clients every so often at our house when I was young.  Most of them were normal and were no problem at all.

One guy I remember was not normal and totally freaky.  He only visited the house once thank goodness and my dad never did end up doing business with him.  He arrived in a black sedan with black tinted windows.  He wore an all black suit complete with a black hat and black sunglasses.  He wore his sunglasses in the house and claimed he suffered from some sort of light sensitivity.  He was so unnatural it was like he was a robot or something.  He barely spoke and moved around without fully bending his limbs, he was so stiff.  When he did speak it was monotone and almost robotic.  Everyone agreed this guy was creepy.

He didn’t do or say anything bad it was just him, his presence.  He did seem to like our family cat, Shadow.  Shadow was a black cat and full of life.  She died about two weeks after the stranger left the house.  She became sick right after he was gone and deteriorated from there.  She kept looking around and pawing at things that weren’t there.

Many strange things occurred after this guy left.  We saw lights in the sky that moved up and down then would zip off without a trace.  They weren’t ships or UFO’s per se, just lights.  Tracks would appear in the snow overnight but only for a few feet with no beginning and no end.  A tree fell over without a storm or high winds.  Doors in the house would open and close when no one was there to do it.  We would hear knocks and sometimes loud bangs, but no evidence of what it was.  This went on for a couple months.

Eventually, this strange stuff slowed and then finally stopped.  We all thought it had something to do with that guy.

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