Tinder Creep

Tinder Creep

Hey Midnight Fears. I have a creep story for you if you ever do a tinder horror stories video. Here is a time I really wished I swiped left. I met this guy for lunch. He was supposed to be 24. Yeah right, try more like late 30’s. Anyway that wasn’t the worst part. I joked about it with him and said was that an older picture he got real serious and said “what do you mean. That’s not an old picture. Blah blah blah. He was actually kind of angry. I thought to myself, “what are you angry about? Youre the one who lied.” I let it go but could tell right away this was not happening. I guess I stayed out of politeness. Big mistake, ladies if you ever find yourself in this situation, a bit of advice, don’t be polite. Just get out of there as quick as you can. Trust me.


This guy was totally disgusting. He was balding and his lips were full of lip boogers and it was hard to look at him. He ordered chicken wings. I literally thought I was going to throw up watching him eat those things. He slurped and sucked on the bones and his fingers. My stomach turns every time I think about it. That scene is permanently burned into my brain now.

I could have maybe gotten over it if he had a nice personality. He did not have a nice personality. He bragged about being a professional golfer. I can feign interest in many things, golf just isn’t one of them. He kept slipping up and talking about when he was in college and how he dated a cheerleader who get this has a 13 year old. Come on dude are you for real? You just got super pissed at me for calling you out on your age and 10 minutes later youre telling me about an ex with a 13 year old. Shaking my head right now.


The thing that drove me over the edge is that he said no less than three times that we should go to his house and party in his hot tub. Not a chance in hell dude. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a hot tub with this guy.


After lunch I paid my way and we split the tip. He calculated my portion to the penny. Even the tax and tip had to be proportionate to my share of the bill. He insisted 10% was all we should leave our server. Who he ran ragged by the way. He treated her like she was below him. Big turn off for me. It was totally embarrassing. I said fine you leave 10% and I’ll leave 30% to at least average out his cheap tip.


He wanted me to stay for more drinks so I was going to be honest and said there is no connection so I was just going to go home. He said, “fine, get out of here then!” And muttered “bitch” under his breath. He was angry and acted like I intentionally hurt his feelings, but again I was trying to be as polite as I could. In a word at this point I would have said he is just a jerk. Turns out he was more than that.


The next day I find a bikini on my patio. It wasn’t new and was badly stained. Gross, I know. I knew in my heart it was the creep from the day before, but it didn’t make sense. How did he find out where I lived, and who’s bikini was that? For the next several weeks I would find little surprises. A dead flower in my windshield wiper. A dead mouse on my patio. A  paper heart ripped in half on my car. I was starting to get scared. It had to be him, I don’t know anyone who would do this.


I got home one night and I saw my apartment was disturbed. It wasn’t ransacked or anything. I could just tell someone had been in there. The rug was flipped, a chair was out of place and I am meticulous about that kind of stuff. When I noticed the blinds to the glass door leading to the patio were opened I panicked. I was too scared to go in by myself so I left immediately and went to my neighbor’s. That turned out to be the right instinct. Her boyfriend came over and checked the apartment for me. There wasn’t anyone there thank God, but the scariest thing is, when we went back in to my house, the sliding glass door to the patio was open. He must have been in there when I came home and he left while I went to the neighbor’s.


In my bedroom, my underwear drawer was left open and some were missing. The sick pervert stole them. Nothing of value was missing. Not that I had much, but I did have some jewelry he could have taken. I locked up the house and stayed with my neighbor that night. I left the next day and went to stay with my parents. Here is a tip I have learned since. Put a wood 2×4 in the tracks of a sliding door to prevent it from being jimmied open and always trust your instincts.

Submitted by: Ashley

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