True Crime Stories for October 2015

True Crime Stories for October 2015

True Crime Stories for October 2015


The brutally beaten body of 31 year old Rebecca Cade was found hanging on a chain-link fence last Tuesday in Chillicothe, Ohio.  Apparently the young mother had been beaten so badly that it was impossible to recognize her.

Neighbor’s and passerby’s dismissed the body as a gory Halloween decoration until a man walking his dog realized it was not a decoration.  The body was discovered about 8:30 am on a fence near an American Electric Power construction site at North Brownell Street and Hardin Drive.

Police have a suspect in custody.  27 year-old Donnie Cochenour Jr.  Cochenour has admitted to getting into a fight with Rebecca Cade near a railroad track.  Police found a large rock about the size of a grapefruit with bloodstains near the scene.  Investigators have pieced together the events leading up to the discovery of the body.

The suspect attempted to run from her attacker and got caught on the chain-link fence where she later died.

A neighbor described the scene as “straight out of a horror story.  It was the worst Halloween scene you could imagine.”

A source close to the victim claims she had gotten into some trouble before but didn’t deserve this.  Stating she had people who loved her.

Police believe this death is unrelated to the string of four women found dead and two more who disappeared since May of last year in Ross County

The alleged murderer, Donnie Cochenour is on suicide watch in Ross County Jail and appeared in court via a video link wearing suicide prevention clothes.



A 25 year-old South Carolina man was arrested on Saturday after he cut the head off of a small 2 week old puppy.  The man allegedly was angry after arguing with his girlfriend.  At approximately 3 am he grabbed the defenseless puppy, took out a kitchen knife and beheaded the small animal in front of his girlfriend and her two young children aged  7 and 11.  According to his girlfriend James Xavior Quattlebaum had beheaded puppies before while drunk and high on drugs.  Police found the suspect in the bedroom covered in blood and dog hair.  The body of the puppy was found in the trash.  While being arrested Quattlebaum allegedly spit in one of the officers face.


A naked woman dropped her baby from the sixth floor to her death on Thursday the 15th in the Bronx of New York.  27 year-old Tenisha Fearon had a psychotic episode say police on Thursday afternoon when she began throwing household items out of her sixth story apartment window.  The woman claimed “the devil is in her” then grabbed her six month old baby daughter and dangled her out the window.  People screamed and called the police but Fearon dropped the baby to the concrete below.  The six month old was pronounced dead an hour later.  Police broke the door of her apartment down to find Fearon lying on her back naked with her three other children also lying naked on the floor.  The other three children were rescued and were unharmed.  Fearon was sent for a psychotic evaluation and then was charged with murder.



On Tuesday September 29th a man called police to do a welfare check on his ex-wife in Fremont California.  Police found 64 year old Nailah Pettigens body soaked in blood and disemboweled in her blood covered bedroom.

Police later arrested her son, 31 year-old Omar Pettigen who admitted to murdering his own mother.  Pettigen claimed to murder his mother because she was killing herself with the pain killer Oxycodone which she became addicted to after hip surgery.

He went on to say he argued with his mother in the bedroom and she pulled a gun on him so he grabbed a hammer and knocked the gun out of her hand.  He then got a tomahawk and proceeded to bash in her head.  Then he took a revolver from the closet and shot his mother at least four times.  After all this, Pettigen took a knife and slit the 64 year-old from her neck to her cervix.  He removed her heart with his bare hands and put it back.  Omar then needed a release so he decided to masturbate over his dead mother’s corpse.

His mother was found with her underwear around her ankles and an autopsy revealed she was shot at least seven times.

Omar who worked at Michael’s Craft store told police he felt “good” about what he had done and showed no remorse for the crime.  After he killed his mother he shared a couple of beers with friends and booked a plane ticket to Chicago.



A 45 year-old man was quickly stopped and arrested by police in Pune, India.  The man reportedly thought his wife was having an affair with his son-in-law, so he killed and decapitated her with an axe.  He then walked around on the streets carrying the woman’s severed head by the hair in one hand and the murder weapon in the other.  Several people passed by the horrific sight without noticing.  A video was recorded of the man walking around the streets carrying his wife’s head.

Also during August in India two brothers dragged their 17 year-old sister into the street and brutally beat her before cutting off her head in front of dozens of onlookers.  They didn’t approve of her relationship with their cousin.  The two brothers left their sister’s body in the street while they walked around showing off her head to the small village saying, “ this is what happens when you have an affair.”



On Friday October 9th, 25 year-old Meghan Breanna Alt was charged with possessing child pornography and committing lewd acts  on a child.  Alt is a former Mrs Orange County and apparently sent naked pornographic pictures of a four year-old girl whom she is related to a serviceman stationed in Southern California.  She met the individual online and the Navy intercepted the emails containing the child porn and contacted homeland security and Orange County Sherriff’s department who arrested alt on Wednesday.  The marine she sent pictures to is also being investigated but any prosecution of him would be done on the military’s side.  The case is still being investigated and authorities are trying to determine if there are any other victims.



33 year-old Jessica McCarty faces the death penalty for allegedly killing all three of her children.  Lacy McCarty was seven years old and drowned in the bathtub by her mother while she repeatedly said, “ but I love you mommy., I love you.”  Phillip McCarty was six years old and strangled with a cord around his neck, the same fate as her youngest child, 5 month old Christopher Swist.

Jessica McCarty committed the murders in her home in Brevard County, Florida.  McCarty then slit her wrists and her neck.  She sent pictures to her boyfriend of the blood stained house.  She and her boyfriend called 911.  McCarty was suicidal and had been assessed as an intermediate risk to her children because of her suicidal tendencies.

She left a note to her relatives stating how she was told “I suck at everything I do.  Well you were right, I am worthless.”  The note went on to state, “I had no other choice.”

Police arrived on the scene and subdued McCarty with a beanbag shotgun.  Here is the bodycam footage of her apprehension.  A note the video does depict blood and may be disturbing to some viewers.

McCarty reportedly told police that she wanted to die and was pissed they did not shoot her with a real gun.  She also told them to give her the death penalty right here, right now.”

If you or anyone you know are having thoughts of suicide please call the suicide hotline at 1 (800) 273-8255.  You never know who you may end up saving.


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