My Uber Driver is Creeping Me Out

My Uber Driver is Creeping Me Out

Everything that has happened since I got a ride from an Uber driver has been just plain fucking weird.

I’m just going to start with the Uber ride. My car is being worked on, so I’ve been using Uber a lot lately. Last week I ordered an Uber to meet up with some friends downtown for dinner and then drinks after. The little picture that popped up for my driver was a middle aged balding man named Greg.

Greg had a 5 star rating. He looked harmless enough and I can defend myself pretty well for a 5’3, 120 lb, 23-year-old female if something were to go wrong, which I wasn’t worried about since Uber does background checks and what not. The wait time said 7 minutes so I double-checked I had all my things and plopped on the couch to wait.

My phone buzzed at me. Unknown number. “2606 W Lloyd Ave?” I guessed this was Greg texting me from the app confirming my location. “Yep that’s me.” I puffed on my e-cig and watched the Uber map as his Chevy Impala inched closer to my address.

I saw him arriving and hauled my bag over my shoulder, locking the door behind me. My roommate was still at work for the next few hours.

The Greg in the car was the Greg in the photo. He opened the passenger door for me from his side. I used to sit in the back with male drivers for safety reasons but I’ve taken Ubers enough since then to not be concerned anymore. I got in and hefted my bag into the backseat.

This guy had the kind of voice you’d hear on the radio. Loud and blunt, but he wasn’t unfriendly. He wasn’t very conversational either. I felt like I had to force a convo in order to avoid an 8 minute awkward session until I got to my destination. We came up on an intersection about halfway there and he started chuckling.

“Heh.” I awkwardly huffed with him, unsure of what was funny. “See that house over there?” He pointed to a white house on the corner across the intersection. “Yeah?” “Ever heard of Fred Garland?” “No?” “The Northside rapist back in the 80s. There’s a book on him. That was the house he hid the dildo in and used to scare women.” I was thinking what the fuck. Weird but alright. I gave a fake “heh heh” again and looked on out the window. “You should really read that book. I’ve got an extra copy of it.” I responded that I could probably find it at the library or used book store but thanked him for the offer.

We got to my destination, I thanked him, and got out of the car. I tipped him $1 and gave the ride 4 stars. He had strange conversation starters but it could have been worse, right? I didn’t think much of it after I had my night out. A friend gave me a ride home that night and I fell sound asleep after a little TV.

Fast forward about three days. I receive a package on my front step. The return address reads the name “Greg Coe.” I thought for a second but didn’t recognize it. Not until I opened it. It was a book called “Fred Garland: The Story.”

I realized this must have been from the Uber driver. I hadn’t received a ride from him since that night when I went out. I felt a little bit uncomfortable about the situation now. I had ONE ride with this guy and he’s sending me books about rapists. I tried to brush it off but I had this lingering heaviness in the back of my skull that wouldn’t go away. I told my roommate and the boyfriend about it, and both agreed that it was weird.

To get even creepier, I received a text from that number yesterday before I got off work. It was Greg. It read “Will you be needing a ride after work today?”

There’s no way this guy could know where I work and what my schedule is unless he’s followed me somehow. I’ve been using Uber and public transit to get around but I obviously know his car and haven’t noticed it while I’ve been out of the house. I replied with a quick “No, thanks” and used Lyft to go home after work. A few hours after I got home last night he texted me again but from a different number. “It’s Greg. Did you get the book?” I didn’t respond.

I have to go to work but I’ll keep updating if I get anymore texts or weird shit happening.

Obviously I’m not at the point of contacting police because what are they gonna do? But I’m starting to feel really violated and concerned about my safety. I think I’m gonna stay at my boyfriends tonight. I’m going to use Lyft again just in case. I’ll keep you guys posted if you wanna know more.

EDIT UPDATE: guys, things just got weirder. I’m at work and my boss calls me into his office and asks me if I know a Greg. I go a little pale and ask him why. Turns out this guy emailed my FUCKING WORK and asked if I need a ride tonight when I’m off. The email reads:

Hi there, I’m just wondering if Sierra will need a ride after work tonight. Here’s my number. –**** Greg

As I said before, this dude should not know where I work. On a scale of 1-10 I’m at about a 12 in freak out mode right now. Calling my boyfriend to pick me up tonight. Will update soon.

EDIT UPDATE: safe and sound for the night with my boyfriend at his place. I’m wondering if this guy looked me up on Facebook and saw where I work, although I do have that information set to “friends only” in my privacy settings. Anyway, I contacted Uber to let them know about all of it. My mind isn’t really at ease right now though, that email really fucked with me. I’m not sure what to do if this goes on further. Should I contact the police, i mean does this count as harassment? I’m ready to hit the sack, I’m my brain is exhausted and I’m working a double shift tomorrow. I’ll keep you all posted as any updates come. Thanks for your concern guys it really gives me some peace of mind.

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