Until You Meet One

Until You Meet One

Until You Meet One

It was the end of my senior year in high school.  We graduated and had a great time.  My friend and I decided to head down to Florida and stay with my grandma for a few days.  It was supposed to be a fun trip filled with good times and parties.  Which it was.

One night, we were heading down to South Beach for a good time.  We borrowed my grandmother’s car and it needed gas.  so I pulled into a gas station that was beside the road.  It was completely empty and I drove around the pump to line it up with the gas cap.  No one was there.

I opened the car door got out and put the dispenser in the car.  When I turned around there was a young girl standing right there in front of me.  She was only a couple of feet away.  There wasn’t a soul around before but she just appeared.  The only way she could have done this was by hiding behind the pump and slowly crawling to the other side as I pulled up so we couldn’t see her.

I was startled that she just appeared there.  She looked to be about 20 and was really skinny and dressed in out of date fashion.  She looked like she belonged in the sixties or seventies maybe.  She asked me for a ride and said she was desperate.  She was trying to get to her boyfriends house and wanted to go our direction, so I agreed.  Something didn’t feel right about this though, I mean aside from the fact this chick appeared out of nowhere.  I asked to look in her bag to make sure she wasn’t carrying a gun or something and wanted to hijack my grandma’s car.  My grandma was tough and you didn’t want to get on her bad side or experience her wrath.

The young girl smiled and willingly opened her bag.  No gun but her belongings were all just, old.  That is the only way to explain it.  The stuff in her bag had old looking labels and nozzles and caps.  Not like the stuff today, it looked like items from the seventies or something, even the designs on the bottles.  I still didn’t think too much about it and let her in the car.

While driving, she kept talking about crazy things, like dying and being killed.  She told us that we were lucky to be alive and we should cherish our lives being so young and all.  She was really freaking us both out.  My friend was so creeped out by this girl that he sat on half of the seat and watched her the whole time.  The look on his face was priceless as I could just tell she terrified him.

I can’t even describe how creepy this girl was.  Her voice would even cut in and out as she spoke, like a telephone that loses its reception for a second and comes back and as the signal is lost you miss a word or two.  It was so weird.  She was extremely morbid.

I am kind of ashamed at what I did next but I have to live with it.  We came to a train and while we sat waiting for the train, the girl said my name and told me that I had to be careful and I could die at any time.  She said those exact words as she touched the back and side of my neck.  Her hands were ice cold, even colder than that.  I freaked out and told the girl that we had to turn around and I would have to let her out here.  We couldn’t wait for this long train even though we needed to go in that direction.  I just couldn’t take it anymore.  She nodded and gave a quick “heh” sound like a one sound laugh and exited the car.

I started to make a three point turn and my friend watched her as we turned around.  As I straightened out the car he screams, “she’s gone!”  I said something like “I know,” and good thing.  He said, “no I mean she disappeared!”  I questioned him in disbelief, “you  mean she vanished?”  He said, “yes she disappeared into thin air.”  He watched her do it.  I didn’t see that, and figured it was dark and his eyes just played tricks on him.

We continued on our vacation and enjoyed ourselves.  Years later my friend called me on the phone to tell me something interesting he saw on TV.  He was watching one of those ghost shows that come on around Halloween time.  One of the true scary stories featured on the show was about a young girl who hitchhiked along that same road we were travelling on that night years before.  Usually young guys would pick her up and she would tell them she was trying to get to her boyfriend’s house.  She died in a car accident in the early seventies going to her boyfriend’s place and she was always seen hitchhiking on that stretch of road.  Everything was the same about the story for us except she appeared to us at a gas station.

I didn’t before but I do believe in ghosts now.  I would say to all the skeptics out there who don’t believe me, I guess you won’t believe in ghosts, until you meet one.

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