A woman claims that she returned home one night after work at about 1:00 am in the morning, and something unspeakable happened to her.

She came home and went to bed in her son’s room which was now empty.  She did not wish to wake her husband up.  Her son complained of paranormal activity throughout the years but they didn’t believe him.

She was asleep for about half an hour when she awoke.  Much to her surprise, she was about a foot and a half over her bed.  She said she was actually floating in the air.  She was dropped almost as soon as she realized it.

After being dropped, she was dragged violently out of the bed by her feet.  She then says that she was thrown up against the wall and choked by an unseen attacker.  Then she was flung back onto the bed and was violated.

She woke her husband up and he slept through the entire incident.  She did have proof in the form of bruises on her body and neck.  This disproved her husband’s explanation that she was merely dreaming.  She was immensely sore for a couple of days.

They closed off the room and nothing ever happened after that.

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