Wardrobe Sounds

Wardrobe Sounds

Wardrobe Sounds

A young girl had a scary experience growing up in a poor third world country.  The family was very poor and lived in what most of us would call a shack with doors that consist of boards that were mostly 2X4’s with cracks in them.  Homes had dirt floors and no real amenities.

This girl had a door like that in her room she shared with siblings.  Her grandfather purchased a large wardrobe to place in front of the girls so she wouldn’t be so scared of the meager door.  The wardrobe was was large and she initially loved it.

Not long after, the children in the room began to hear noises they originally thought were outside the house.  One night they realized the strange sounds were coming from within the wardrobe.  The next day they told their grandfather about the sounds in the wardrobe.  He didn’t believe them but agreed to sleep in their room that night.

Sure enough, the sounds continued that evening.  They woke their grandfather up and he listened for a little while but didn’t hear anything.  Then a scraping sound came from the wardrobe as he laid back down.

He lit a lantern and opened the wardrobe.  They saw the clothes move and saw an impossibly thin arm they at first thought belonged to some kind of animal.  As the grandfather moved the clothes aside they saw a face of a terrifying woman.  She looked harsh and stern.  She was dirty and scowled like a wild animal.  She had snuck into the wardrobe through the back and was sleeping in there at night.  This woman was sleeping only feet away from the children in that room every night for weeks.

She attempted to escape, but her grandfather grabbed her.  She growled and bit him on the arm, so hard she drew blood.  She squeezed out when he let go.  He grabbed a large knife and chased her, but she got away.

He sealed the door the next day and they never saw the woman again.  The family never knew if the woman ever left the wardrobe and walked around the house.


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