Welcome to MidnightFears.com True Scary Stories

Welcome to MidnightFears.com True Scary Stories

Welcome to MidnightFears.com.

Here you will find all true scary stories of the macabre, supernatural, paranormal, weird, strange, ghostly, scary, horrifying and terrifying!  We are interested in your stories about ghosts, unexplained phenomena, strange happenings, aliens, ufo’s, scary encounters, unknown animals, brushes with criminals, dreams, lost time or anything else that is creepy and really did happen.

Please feel free to submit your stories to info@midnightfears.com.   We will review and may publish your story on our site, or even feature your tale on our Youtube channel! We would love to hear form you!

These stories for the most part will not contain bad language or any kind of explicit behavior, however we would recommend that caution and parental guidance be executed before allowing minors to visit the site.

Our stories are submitted or posted by real people just like you.  Except for one thing… they, perhaps unlike you, have had a brush with the world beyond!  Now they wish to share their story with the rest of the world.  These stories may be traumatic to those involved and maybe sharing them with us helps the individual cope with their unusual incidence.  Of course, it may also be that they are just trying to warn us of things that may also occur to ourselves.  Whatever the reason, we sincerely hope you enjoy the stories that are to come, and please remember to… sleep well.


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