The Woman I Never Met

The Woman I Never Met

Hi Midnight. I want to share an experience with you that happened a little while ago.

I was on a business trip in Los Angeles for a couple of days of the typical boring meetings at corporate. When I got there, I learned that my meetings had been pushed back, and I was going to have a few extra days off. Feeling lucky, I let myself loose in Los Angeles – excited to be out of the house and with a little extra money to entertain myself.
As I was by myself, I used an app to connect with a few people to get drinks over the few days I had free. One of them will haunt me forever.
This girl, Claire, matched with me and we set up to meet in Tujunga Park in North Hollywood, as she lived near there. We met in the middle of the afternoon with plans to go to dinner if we seemed to hit it off.
We walked alongside the head part of the park and watched people play games like Frisbee and football. Then, Claire took off her sunglasses and we made eye contact. At that moment, she froze. Clare stood completely still and didn’t even blink. I thought it was a joke at first. I remember walking around her. But she didn’t move. Everything else was normal. I looked around to see if anyone noticed her strange behavior, but no one did or at least paid any attention. This went on for a minute or so. I asked if she was alright and nothing. I must have had a pretty dumb smile on my face as I was completely confused. Was this some kind of a seizure? I took her hand and asked her again to respond. Then I looked into her eyes again and she woke up in that instant. She seemed groggy and said that she felt light headed and asked me if we could sit down. I said absolutely, and told her she gave me a fright. I told her she was frozen for a little while and she said, “really? That’s strange.” And that was it. I decided to let it go and continued with our date. The weird thing is that I hesitate to even mention, I can’t really be sure but when she snapped out of it, for a moment, I think all of the other noises stopped and everything else froze for a brief moment, less than a second.

That had to be a fluke, or something I was just imagining. After talking for a bit, we decided to go into a small ice cream shop across the street.
We were in line waiting to pay for the ice cream, when I heard the sound of the register. My attention caught by the sound, I turned and looked right into the eyes of the manager. She had this wicked smile on her face and looked at me like she knew something. The woman was pure evil. She didn’t do anything but look at me with this terrifying glare, like she not only wanted to kill me but make me suffer in the process. I was reaaly freaked out and turned to look back at Clare with the intention of saying something about it but Clare was looking at her phone so I just dropped it.

We got our ice cream and sat down. We continued to chat when Clare’s voice started to go in and out, like bad reception or something. She kept talking and didn’t notice the volume of her voice changing. I pretended not to notice but it really freaked me out to. Clare eventually excused herself to go to the bathroom. As I sat and waited for her to come back, I looked around for the evil witch manager. I didn’t see her. Instead there was another friendly manager who actually smiled at me warmly. I figured the mean one must have left or something and I just didn’t notice. She was out of my sight for a while by this point.

Anyhow, I waited for Claire for a long time. She never came out. I finally asked another girl who was coming out if she noticed anyone else in the bathroom. I was waiting for my date. She said no there was no one else in the bathroom. Now there was no way out of that bathroom without me seeing her leave. No outside door or windows. I looked around the shop and walked outside, no Claire.

I was so confused I didn’t know what to do. I decided to back to my hotel. On the way back, it just seemed like things were different. Colors of buildings, the cars that were parked outside. Nothing extreme but just different.

Now here is another strange part of that trip. I can’t remember how I got back to the hotel. I woke up on the bed at 3 in the morning. My clothes were still on and I was laying on top of the blankets with my head at the foot of the bed and my legs dangling off.

I was so exhausted that I just went back to sleep after I positioned myself properly on the bed. I had some really strange dreams that night which I won’t ever tell anyone about. Just know when I awoke in the morning I was disturbed to say the least. I didn’t understand what had happened and my only thought was to call my mom. I explained what had happened and she just kind of chuckled and said “I hope you weren’t doing anything funny!” I was slightly annoyed but could understand her not fully believing me. I was just happy to talk to her to regain some sense of normalcy.

When I tried to look Claire up again, her profile was gone. No trace of her at all. I thought maybe this was a dream or something, or more accurately a nightmare. Nothing else happened and I went to my meetings as normal.

I flew back across the country the following day of my last meeting and returned home. The flight attendant on the plane reminded me of Claire. She looked very much like her, but not exactly. She was different but I had to keep looking at her because it was so strange to me. I think I freaked her out unintentionally. She was professional and polite but uneasy around me. I understood. This alone may not be so strange, but she wasn’t the last, far from it

Now, I live in a very small town rural area. I mention this…because it’s the kind of place where everyone knows everyone. And now, I seem to see people who look like Claire. Again not exactly but enough that I have to take a double take to make sure its not her. I have also unfortunately have seen women that remind me of that evil manager in the ice cream shop. Luckily I don’t see her that often. Way less than the Claire look alikes. This seriously happens about twice a month. Scary thing is they all look at me as if they know who I am.

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