Hello midnight fears,

I am such a huge fan of your work. I have listening to your narrations for about a year now. Just can’t seem to get enough of them haha.  And I ask that you please do not use my real name in the video if you do plan on narrating this. And yes my real name is used on this story.

Let me just start by saying that this story can be used for your online channel.  Some names, not all, have been changed in the story simplify because I don’t have permission to use their real names and that I really hope the message at the end of this story is clear for everyone to understand.


Let me first tell you a little bit about myself. I come from a neighborhood in Brooklyn, new York by the name of Williamsburg. A very italian neighborhood. And yes I am 100% Italian and speak the language fluent, considering my parents are born in Italy. I come from a family very well connected in the Italian mafia. Made members of the mafia to be specific actually. You see, you could only be a made member if you are 100% Italian, anything else you’d be considered an associate of the mafia. To become a made man, you have to show the family you are of allegiance to that you are loyal and a “good earner” and are willing to do whatever it takes to protect your friends in the family. There are 5 families in new York, Colombo, Genovese, Lucchese, Bonnano and Gambino. I am currently in the process of becoming made in one of them, I can’t specify which one. I know this may seem very irrelevant and off topic, but you will later understand why I included this.


Now to my story…


This all started a few months ago when a friend of mine, who is a made guy, was at a social club where all members and associates just go to have a drink and hangout with each other. We heard a few of the old timers talking about the deep web. Which came as a shock to me, because of all people, who would’ve ever thought that these guys who were born in the 40’sand 50’s would have any clue about that stuff. They spoke about how their grandkids have visited it and had seen insane things while browsing through it. Of course I knew what the deep web was, mainly because of watching your videos, but never had any intention of going on it because I had no business being there at all.


About two days later, I had been craving curiosity to go on the deep web for some reason, just to see what I could come across on it. So I called over a friend of mine who is extremely tech savvy and probably a hacker I’m not sure to be honest. I told him that I wanted to to go on the deep web and from there on an unmarked computer that I purchased under a different name for safety purproses, he installed everything I needed to safely browse the deep web. I suggested that we go to a cafe nearby called the “blue stove” in Williamsburg, so we could use an outside WiFi and have no connection traced back to us going on the deep web, god forbid we were to get hacked or something. Funny what your videos do to me right? Lol. So we installed the onion router aka tor, orfox and whonix and an ssh tunnel. And right in front of me there it was, the deep web.


Feeling like a little kid in a candy store. I just kept browsing and browsing. Coming across the usual things, illegal drugs for sale, guns for sale, hitmen etc. I came across something known as the hidden wiki, it was just a lot of site links encrypted in letters and numbers. We browsed for hours and found a ton of dead links.

I finally clicked on one site link that took me to some website labeled “wttmh” which stood for “welcome to the monkey house”. And I had a feeling that this was a red room because I’m pretty sure I have heard of it in one of your stories before. I knew this was gonna be hard to get out of. My friend and I clicked the exit button numerous fucking times and it wouldn’t exit.

We even tried shutting the computer off, and nothing, absolutely nothing. It just stood on. My friend john and I packed up all of our stuff and went back to my house. We opened the computer again, and as much as I wanted to take the battery out and not look at it I couldn’t  because I was really interested in seeing what was going to happen. But at the same time I didn’t want to because I know the people who run these sites or the murderers who appear on them are all just piece of shit people who need to fucking die!

I wasn’t going take any more of this. As I was about to take the battery out, a small message appeared in the corner and said “hi there, I don’t recognize your IP address, and I wasn’t aware that you were a member of our site”. I was like wtf people become member of this site?! Stupid sick idiots on this site. I replied and said “oh no, I’m leaving now bye”.  I shit you not, the computer turned off on its own. About 30 seconds later it turned back on and static and fuzz came on the screen, something that you’d see out of a movie. And to be honest I’m not really a person who gets scared at all, as a matter of fact, I’m known around my neighborhood as a tough guy and have a reputation of being good with my hands, and nobody really messes with me because my uncle was the boss of the family. But in all honesty, I was kind of scared because I didn’t know what was going to happen next.

A message board pops up and says “hi Vinnie are you enjoying yourself?” my heart dropped and I was speechless and my friend was scared as well. I replied and said “yeah go fuck yourself”. At this point I wasn’t scared anymore and wanted to see if this guy was just some keyboard warrior. His reply scared the living crap out of me, he stated my credit card numbers, my address, my full name, my family member names.

I was in total shock. And decided Just take the battery out. It was late already, I laid in bed and just couldn’t fall asleep. I wasn’t really scared any more. I just couldn’t fall asleep for some reason. Around 4 in the morning, my phone started ringing but no number was appearing, I didn’t even answer, I had a feeling it was whoever was messing with me earlier on that freaking website. It was probably ran by a bunch of virgins. I then got a text that said “look in the front of your house” and of course there was someone standing in front of a purple minivan right outside my house. It was old and beat up. The guy was wearing sweat pants, a hoodie and a hat. He looked old and raggedy, maybe late 50’s I’d assume.

I saw he was holding something in his hand which looked like a gun, so I just opened my window, took my gun and fired a warning shot at him. And yes guys I am a licensed gun holder all of my guns are 100% legal. Once he heard that shot, he got back into that crap box of a van and sped off. I went downstairs and much to my surprise, I discovered my entire living room was completely destroyed. I had no idea what happened, I didn’t even hear anyone in the house. What the hell?

I was totally confused, and decided to just go to sleep. I didn’t even care, I was so tired at this point. The next morning, I woke up and one of the captains in the family picked me up to run daily errands. As we turned the corner of my house, I saw that same junky van parked on the side of the street. with the bullet hole in it but nobody was in the car. I was wondering where that man was. Probably wandering around waiting for me to leave my house so he could ambush it or something I guessed. I told my carmine what had happened, and he said “we’re gonna wait for this little fuck and beat the daylights out of him”. I then got a call from no number like last night and the person said “watch out”. This man really had no idea who he was fucking with, because if he knew who I was or who Carmine was, he wouldn’t have even thought about coming back here. I decided to stay home and wait for this guy to come and try and enter my house. I waited at my front door inside for hours with a police baton drilled down the middle with lead in it. After a few hours I see this guy coming towards the door, so I just walked outside and took the baton and hit him right on the top of his fucking head. All you heard was a fucking craaaackkkk. It sounded like I was at fucking Yankee stadium. I believe it was the neighbors who called the police and they arrived and I had to explain what happened. Even though I was raised to never talk to the law, you gotta do what you gotta do. The guy was unconscious. Turns out this guy was wanted for rape in Georgia. As for the website, it was gone once the police tried to check it out. I didn’t care, I was just waiting for one of those fucking morons to try something stupid again so I could beat the shit out of them again. But nothing ever happened. I’m now happy and no longer have to worry about those weirdos.

As for everyone listening, if you think the deep web is a joke, think again. It isn’t a place for anyone to be. I’m lucky because I have the connections that I have, if it wasn’t for that, I’d  be in one big pile of shit right now probably dead. Stay away from it, weird and evil people roam the deep web. People who want nothing but to see the world burn. Don’t even go near it. Thank you guys for listening to my story, and I hope my message was made clear.

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